Recent Court Documents in the 2 ICC Kenya Cases 08 September 2013

After a request by the Sang defence, the court issued an order permitting the Prosecutor to disclose lesser redacted versions of Victims applications for Prosecution witnesses 378, 405, 409, 410, and 487. The court later let the Prosecutor add witness 128 to this list of Victims’ applications that she would disclose to the defence with lesser redaction.

Ruto-Sang Trial Chamber (V(A)) dismissed a request by the defence to have records of the OTP’s prior contact with two defence witnesses disclosed. The basis for this dismissal was that the OTP had already undertaken to disclose the relevant material, therefore the matter was moot.

The same Chamber also asked for further Prosecution submissions on the application to completely redact information regarding 12 witnesses that the Prosecutor chose not to call at trial.

Essa Faal, a lawyer who was part of Francis Muthaura’s defence, has followed Karim Khan and Shymala Alegendra into the William Ruto defence team. Prior to becoming Francis Muthaura’s legal counsel, Mr. Faal was a senior member of the ICC Prosecutor’s office.


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