Last IDP Camps to Close

This according to the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning. Rather than buying land for resettlement, the Government intends to give each displaced family Ksh.400,000 to buy their own land. This has been in the pipeline for a while but has been delayed for over a year. It wouldn’t be fair to accuse the Cabinet Secretary of trying to finish the camp closures before the ICC trials start, but the perception is tough to avoid in the current Anti-Hague climate. With respect to the ongoing cases, what if the ICC judges had decided to visit some of the sites where persons allegedly forcibly transferred were camped?

While these efforts to get the displaced out of miserable camps are laudable, it’s important to remember that closing camps does not end displacement. Only full resettlement and integration can do that.

Furthermore, striking the tents should not be a license to forget…



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