Recent Court Documents from the 2 ICC Kenya Cases 4 January 2013

In this New Year update, the Prosecutor in the Ruto/Sang case renewed her application to redact the names of investigators from the evidence being disclosed to the defence.


The defence in the Ruto/Sang case has sought to explain why it refused to accept the Prosecution offer of experts for joint instruction. The worry for them is that Mr. Maupeu is francophone (which will cause difficulty for the defendants and their counsel who don’t speak French and will require translation). They also worry because the expertise of Mr. Maupeu seems to be in the Gikuyu ethnic group more than the Kalenjin ethnic group. They also question whether it’s practical for the expert to simultaneously testify in Kenyatta/Muthaura as well as Ruto/Sang. As to the rest of the experts, the defence was less unwelcoming, only asking for further information (and the identification of the relevant PTSD expert) prior to the commencement of trial.


The Prosecutor has disclosed an additional 175 pieces of evidence to the Ruto/Sang defence.


The Sang defence has objected to the Modified Charges Document filed by the Prosecutor. The Ruto defence has stated that it supports the objections of the Sang defence team.


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